ESG and Responsible Investing

Barings Real Estate Australia is committed to investing responsibly and enhancing investment performance by making a positive and sustainable contribution to global, local, corporate and personal wellbeing, in an ethical culture with enhanced investment performance and robust governance.

Strong investment performance supported by solid ESG principles.


At Barings Real Estate Australia, we believe that the integration of ESG initiatives enhance investment performance across our portfolio and for our Investors. We believe incorporating ESG strategies can better manage and mitigate risks, improve and maintain value, and guide the allocation of capital, as well as positively contributing to our communities and the environment.


Barings Real Estate Australia incorporates ESG into our business through an active systematic approach that links ESG strategy to performance outcomes, consistent with our Investors’ and Stakeholders’ objectives. Our approach is to embed ESG processes throughout the organisation, so that each manager and staff member is responsible for ensuring they are integrated into day to day operations, transaction origination, assessment, development and management.

Collaboration on ESG initiatives will maximise ESG impact.


Barings Real Estate Australia is committed to working with each of its Investors and Stakeholders to ensure that there is a collaborative approach in implementing ESG initiatives that are consistent with theirs. We believe that this collaborative approach will maximise the ESG impact of Barings Real Estate Australia’s investments and enhance investment performance.


Barings Real Estate Australia recognises that Climate Change is a systemic and financial risk to the property sector returns and the economy. We are committed to identify and mitigate climate related risks that are material to our portfolio and to implement strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of our managed investments.


Barings Real Estate Australia is committed to ensuring that each property and investment is assessed, developed and managed through an ESG lens, to ensure that we are continually improving our sustainability practices to support and enhance investment performance. These initiatives include obtaining and increasing green building ratings, planned adaptive reuse of sites and assets, retrofitting sustainable technologies to improve energy and water efficiency, solar and insulation.


To demonstrate Barings Real Estate Australia’s commitment for action on Climate Change, we have joined leading industry groups to collaborate with like-minded investors which advocate for change across the investment and property sectors.


Barings Real Estate Australia seeks to make a positive contribution to local and global communities, as well as Barings Real Estate Australia staff and family.


We undertake to consider the effect of investing in industries with a negative social impact. Barings Real Estate Australia is committed to undertaking investments with strong positive social outcomes where possible, such as affordable key worker housing.


Barings Real Estate Australia encourages ethical behaviours in its operations and decision making and expects similar standards and compliance of its suppliers and partners. We adopt active policies to ensure that we do not directly or indirectly participate in modern slavery or labour exploitation.


Barings Real Estate Australia is committed to creating a positive and rewarding workplace for its employees. We maintain an inclusive and collaborative workplace where the wellbeing of staff is a high priority. Further, we are committed to undertake independent employee surveys to continually improve our workplace.


Community participation and involvement in charities is actively encouraged at the staff and organisation level. Barings Real Estate Australia supports relevant causes where it considers maximum social benefit, such as the UNHCR and Our Big Kitchen.


Barings Real Estate Australia is committed to ensuring that its governance is clear and robust, with continuous monitoring, reporting and compliance frameworks, which are reflected in our day to day operations.


The rights and interests of our investors and stakeholders underpin our decision-making processes and are at the core of our corporate governance practices. Barings Real Estate Australia seeks to minimise the risk of breaches or non-compliance and has strong and clear policies to address matters such as conflicts of interest, related parties, WHS, and transparent reporting.

Barings recently acquired Altis Property Partners, an Australian leading real estate firm. To learn more about sustainability at Barings, please click here.