Bring your pets to work day


On Friday 25th June we are inviting all employees of 6-7 Eden Park, Macquarie Park to bring your pets to work.

We have many great competitions and prizes to give away from Petstock together with free dental health checks by Macquarie Vet Hospital and gorgeous accessories on sale from Furry n Fabulous.

We will be hosting fund-raising events, with all proceeds going to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.


To ensure the day goes smoothly, we suggest the following steps are followed by participants:

  • Tenant must supply advice that they have undertaken a survey of staff likely to be working on the premises the day of the event to ascertain if any staff members suffer allergies or phobias relating to pets; and that this survey has resulted in nil findings or agreement from affected staff that the event can take place. Small and medium sized dogs, cats and birds are welcome.


  • All pets are to be restrained at all times.


  • Tenant understands that they accept liability for any additional cleaning in relation to the event which is required in building management’s opinion.


  • The pets and handlers are to meet within the loading dock prior to taking the service lift to the tenanted floor.


  • While on site, the pets are to remain within the building. Building management reserves the right to instruct the tenant to cease the activity should it in any way (in building managements opinion) affect the quiet enjoyment of other tenant’s and visitors.


  • The pets and handlers are to leave together via the service lift & loading dock.

We look forward to sharing in this great day with all of our wonderful tenants.