Welcome to Homemaker Lakehaven – Road Tech Marine

Road Tech Marine (RTM) celebrates its grand opening at Homemaker Lakehaven this Saturday 23rd January with a visit from Spirit of Australia 2, the fastest boat in Australia.

Special guest Dave Warby from Warby Motorsport visited the centre with Spirit of Australia 2. In 2021, Dave is looking to break the current World Water Speed Record of 511KMH which his father Ken set in 1978 ! Spirit 2 is a second generation jet powered hydroplane with a Rolls Royce Orpheus engine from an Italian jet fighter Fiat G91.

For more information on Spirit 2 and this father+ son duo, view this extraordinary story on 60 Minutes Australia. 

Homemaker Lakehaven is an Altis owned and managed property with 12 popular retail brands including Harvey Norman, Anytime Fitness, Beacon Lighting, BBQs Galore and BCF, open 7 days a week for customers in the Central Coast and Belmont areas.